HNC Graphic Designgraduation

Blackburn College 2002

Studied over two years, this course covered Visual Communication, Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, Typography, DTP and Layout, Art and Design Context/History, Introduction to Photography, Graphic Production for Commercial Printing, Working in the Creative Industries, Portfolio Production, and Specialist Illustration.



NVQ L3 Graphic Design

Blackburn College 2002

This qualification was gained alongside the HNC above, but with additional modules to be completed within a working graphic design environment.



NVQ L2 Graphic Design

Blackburn College 2000

An introduction to Graphic Design, whilst working in a graphic design environment. Prove competency by completing a series of units including, carry out image capture, create digital artwork, plan your work to meet production requirements.



Web Design for Beginners – 2011


A 10 week course focusing on web page components, tables, lists and formatting, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, developing web pages using Mark-up Language (HTML)

Learning how to include hyperlinks, e-mail links text links and image links, develop web pages with a consistent layout, embed media: YouTube videos, avi & mp3 files, flash games, Google maps and Streaming media

Enhance web pages with JavaScript’s & Java Applets, create and edit digital camera images, create and edit simple web animations using Flash.




Advanced Web Design – 2011


This course covered aspects of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and FTP.

Adobe Dreamweaver – The intuitive interface makes it easy to get going, but your tutor will show you a selection of more advanced features that will quickly improve your productivity and the appearance of your website.  Learn how to upload files on to a web server. Domain names and registrars will be covered.

Adobe Fireworks - Fireworks helps you create stylish designs develop and create web graphics, images, web banners and optimise images for the web.

Adobe Flash - Flash is used to produce animated web content. Creating stunning web animations, banners and buttons.




(all grades A-C)

Graphic Products, Art, English, Maths, Science x 2, Geography, German.